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Surendra Mohanty’s Book Sahityara Madhyaparba O Uttaraparba


Sahityara Madhyaparba O Uttaraparba is a notable Odia book authored by Surendra Mohanty, a renowned writer in the Odia literature landscape. The book provides an in-depth exploration of the middle and later periods of Odia literature, tracing the evolution, trends, and key literary works in these periods.

In “Sahityara Madhyaparba O Uttaraparba,” Surendra Mohanty showcases his profound knowledge and understanding of Odia literature, offering critical insights and analysis that shed light on the remarkable literary developments in Odisha. The book delves into the works of prominent Odia writers, highlighting their contributions to the rich cultural tapestry of Odia literature.

Through his engaging narrative and scholarly approach, Mohanty captures the essence of Odia literary heritage, making the book a valuable resource for scholars, students, and anyone interested in exploring the literary landscape of Odisha. With meticulous research and thoughtful interpretations, “Sahityara Madhyaparba O Uttaraparba” stands as a commendable work that honors the legacy and significance of Odia literature.

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